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These Ukrainian flag color sunflower tee shirts and tank tops will give 10% of their proceeds to the Ukrainian people. These are a limited print.

Our heart goes out to the beautiful people of the Ukraine who fight for freedom from tyranny. This tee shirt represents their flag colors and national flower. Please click on the link below to order a V-Neck tee shirt or visit our adult shop for other options by clicking the button below. Childrens sizes have also been printed!

We send our love and light to these brave souls and are hopeful they will prevail. Royal Blue and yellow Sunflower v-neck tee shirt

v neck sunflower tee shirt on black.
Our yellow sunflower v- neck tee shirt

Do you remember loving dinosaurs as a kid? We sure do! We played with plastic toy dinosaurs and read books and sometimes even visited a museum for a glimpse at a full-scale model! Wouldn’t a parent/child team look great with matching dinosaur tee shirts?

Do You Love Cats?

Some people like cats even more than people! We designed this zany tee shirt featuring a tuxedo kitty with attitude for yourself or to give as a wonderful gift. It comes in three different styles and colors to fit just about everyone’s taste.

Our tuxedo Cat tee shirt in saphire blue

Check out this Tuxedo cat design in our adult apparel shop

Child's size "What's Your Favorite Dinosaur Tee shirt.
Our Ragland Tee shirt with three quarter length sleeves.

Hey friends! What makes us want to screen print our designs on a tee shirt? Our hobbies, or even thoughts are something we want to share so we wear these in the same sense that we write a song and sing it for our audience. Our wearable art and designs move, influence and motivate us. Designing, creating and screen-printing tee shirts while blasting some great tunes in the background is so much fun! The most amazing feeling comes from sharing and seeing that others who buy our wearable art feel the same way about so many things. We often take suggestions for cool new designs from friends, because the results are these awesome messages and beautiful images. Choose a tank top, tee shirt, hoodie or sweatshirt in our shop. Thanks for stopping by.

Cool Graphic Tee Shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts and Wearable Art

Cannabis Advocacy and Support

Sometimes, our wearable art designs get serious about something important to us. We believe that no one should have to use street drugs to kill pain. The cannabis industry has successfully brought in a new wave of safer and effective pain treatment products. All of us here at Time Peace Studios, along with advocating for our Earth’s fragile environment fully support the alternative and compassionate care these products provide. We wear this message proudly and talk to others about it. If it saves one fellow human, we will be ecstatic. If you want to wear this message, click on the tee shirt below.

A cool tee shirt design with a strong message about cannabis.

We print designs about Planet Earth

Pete Seeger said, “Who knows where some little thing that you’ve done may bring results years later that you never dreamed of?” Do you feel the same way about protecting our planet Earth and conserving her natural resources? Imagine something as simple as everyone using less heating fuel by indulging in the warmth and comfort of a flannel throw blanket, resulting in less need for consumption! Or imagine wearing a tee shirt that has this cool message.

If everyone uses just a little bit less, it adds up. If we remind everyone about the beauty of nature, they remember. Watch us print our sunflower because it reminds us of something that shines!

The Process is fun! Here is where our cool tee shirts start.
Climate change long sleeve tee shirt
Sometimes our cool tee shirts are all about Earth. She is important!
Comfort colors climate change hand screened tee shirt.
This is what we consider a cool tee shirt! Comfort Colors offers a wonderful array of color and our message about earth is clear for all to see.

Cool Printed Totes and Throws

Our studio is based in the New England part of the USA and November is a very special time here. It gets chilly now as we head into our colorful crisp air season, soon to be followed by snow. This is our time to cuddle and look for warmth, open fire pits and togetherness as we gather for the coming holiday season. We have printed some very beautiful gifts for your loved ones, family and friends to show them how special they are. Of course, our sense of humor always seems to peek through! We have paired some funny travel totes of 100% cotton canvas with soft felt blankets. Please check out our designs on our shop page.

plaid throw blanket in a printed tote bag
Our printed tote bags make a great gift that spread warmth wherever they go! Each tote bag design is made to match al colorful, plaid flannel throw blanket. Give the gift of warmth!

The Cool Long Sleeve Tee shirts and Sweatshirts have arrived!

A goal and our focus for the next few months will be our wonderful but tearful Mother Earth. She is hurting. If you listen, you can actually feel what she feels. What can we do to help keep Earth green? All of us can recycle, re-use, turn down conventional fuel heat and put on a sweatshirt or cover yourself up with a warm flannel throw blanket. It’s time to act on our very last chance to commit to sustainable practices that will allow her to heal. Please browse our newest designs in which she speaks to us. Wear these words proudly so others can see how much you care and how important it is that we continue to do right by her. Never give up.

Spread good thoughts and advocate to help keep Earth green and healthy!
long sleeve tee shirt with climate change message
A light grey long sleeve, cool tee shirt

Children’s Apparel

Let’s teach our little ones to love nature! Turn over rocks, check out streams and brooks, search a nearby field for flowers and if you are a city dweller, pick up a good book about amphibians. We co-exist with all these creatures and the earlier children can learn to show some love, the better. Help them understand how connected we truly be. Put on some children’s cool tee shirts and see these precious kids shine!

Sunny and joyful cool tee shirts for children with sunflowers, lizards and butterflies so they can think of nature.


This is our friend Laurie. She loves butterflies and cool tee shirts too!
Music and nature are what Earth and our human interaction is all about.

Hand printed cool tee shirts of our own design inspired by nature, music and laughter. We print to please.

Choose a warm throw for someone to tote to the stadium, put on the back seat of the car in case it is needed, have a warm snuggle on a cold night with a special pet or even to bring to Church on Sunday to warm the bench. These are truly loved gifts that help make it easier to tell someone how much you love them. Our nifty tote will be a perfect match and make it simple to carry.

Wear a Cool tee Shirt that You Love!

Every new design idea takes on a life of its own, kind of like songwriting. Each and every vendor event is different. Every customer makes us smile when they review out stuff. It’s a strange process in the making, one which we hope you will embrace with us!

Life is about balance. Do what you love and love what you do!

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